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Henri "Doc" Calitri
Show Director, x220

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(American Towman Magazine,
Tow Industry Week, ATTV)
Dennie Ortiz, x213

Exciting Dallas at the Arlington Convention Center
Tow Expo Int’l features major manufacturers of wreckers, carriers, trailers, truck chassis and all the related equipment and services towers need to ply their trade. “Tow Bosses” will have the opportunity to meet with many of the major motor club representatives as well as dispatch systems providers, GPS companies and equipment finance sources. They will also be able to see the latest in safety apparel and equipment. Everything a Tow Boss may need will be under one roof for viewing.
Stay ahead of your competition when you attend the American Towman Conferences, which features top Industry leaders from across the country related to municipal towing and tow operations. With leaders from both state associations in the lone star state in attendance, your voice can and will be heard at Tow Expo Int’l.
And it doesn't stop there, Participate in the Centennial Celebration with a fun evening of the Tow Expo Long Bar, Card Games, BBQ Brisket, and Live Music. Have a cigar and casual conversation amongst towing professionals during the Big Smoke. Experience a live Recovery Show and much more!
2016 Tow Expo DFW Exhibitors
Welcome Exhibitors!
One of the most influential markets in the towing industry - Southwest U.S. - is home to one of the most exciting expositions and conferences for the professional tow operator.
Market Strength of American Towman Magazine
Backed by the marketing power of American Towman magazine, the towing and recovery industry’s premier monthly trade publication with over 38,000 readers, Tow Expo Int’l’s attendee-building program is a hard-hitting combination of print advertising in AT and direct mail marketing to the tow bosses from AT’s extensive database along with email, Internet, and telemarketing.
Tow Bosses in the Southwest
With Texas being the heart of the southwestern market with three of the largest metropolitan areas in the country - Dallas/Ft. Worth, Houston, and Dallas - Tow Expo International is positioned to deliver an audience comprised of towers not only from the Lone Star State, but also the key states of Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, New Mexico, Missouri, Kansas, Colorado and Arizona.
Unparalleled Reputation
A.T. Expo Corp. has built its reputation for producing and marketing trade shows that are professionally managed and target marketed to the most qualified audience in the industry: professional tow business operators.
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Recovery Show

Sponsored by:
Miller Ind.
Luxury Vehicle Education

Sponsored by:
Allstate Roadside Services
The Big Smoke

Sponsored by:
Auto Return
Repo Conference

Sponsored by:
Dynamic Mfg.
Kids Korral

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Heavy-Duty Training

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Expo Info

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Beacon Software
Spec. Veh. Funding
Expo Info

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Texoma Trailer & Body Welding/Dynamic
Exide Tech
Badge Inserts

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Show Bags

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USA Wrecker Pageant
World-Class Wreckers Compete for trophies
Open during Exhibit Hall
Unique for its theme displays alongside traditional wreckers and carriers competing among several classes, the Wrecker Pageant is a true piece of Americana. You see a bit of history mixed with the character and color only wrecker operators bring to their trucks. Attendees vote for their choice for each class.
Wrecker Class Fee: $75 Light (Pre-2015), Light (2015-2016), medium, vintage (pre-1990): $100 HD Single Axle, HD Tandem, Carrier, Rotator. You must advance register to enter a wrecker or carrier in the pageant. You may enter as many as three trucks (One per class) in the competition. Trucks may enter the wrecker pageant area between 8am-6pm Thursday, Aug. 4, and 8am-11am Friday, Aug. 5. Trucks stay in the wrecker pageant area until the Winners' Ceremony during the Saturday Night event.
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Repossession Conference • Scroll to view more
Friday, August 5, 9-12 noon & Saturday, August 6, 9-12 noon

A powerful two-day conference will focus on education, procedures, safety, legal and the importance of certification in the repossession industry. Moderated by American Towman Repo Editor Mark Lacek, this special conference will include the following speakers and topics:

Speakers will include:

Mark Lacek (Certified Commercial Recovery Agent Certification Program, American Towman magazine) speaking on expert witness testimony, about repossessing big trucks & other commercial assets, commercial certification and the state of the repossession industry.

Mike Howk (Risk Manager and Director of Education; Recovery Specialist Insurance
Group [RSIG]), discussing matters pertaining to automobile repossession law,
insurance and breach of the peace issues.

Alex Price (Director of Risk Solutions; Digital Recognition Network [DRN])
speaking on skip tracing

Joe Taylor (Vice President; Recovery Industry Services Company [RISC])
discussing certified asset recovery specialist certification and compliance

Dan Hill (Cold Iron Companies) will discuss what a commercial client expects
from a repossession vendor.

Andy Cameron (Vice President of Digital Recognition Network [DRN]) will discuss
the latest information regarding license plate recognition technology.

Municipal Tow Conference

Cost Recovery From Clean-Up of Liquid Debris
Towing businesses can create a revenue source in accident remediation. Learn what to consider related to safety on the scene and pricing/billing for services rendered in doing such work. Jim Figueira, Environmental Chemical Solutions; Friday, 9 am
Municipalities: The Art of the Contract
There’s the printed contract contract and the oral contract … and there’s the issue of third-party dispatch in various locales. Certain things have to be spelled out in contracts when doing municipal towing to have it work in your favor. John Borowski, AutoReturn; Friday, 10 am
Towing & Recovery Conference • Scroll to view more

Calculating Recovery Resistance • Friday, 9 am
Performing recovery work safely and successfully requires an accurate assessment of the scene to determine the total amount of recovery resistance to be overcome. This seminar will highlight techniques for calculating recovery resistances. This is essential to avoid overloading equipment and ensuring that the recovery operation will be successful. Terry Abejuela, American Towman
Reducing Line Tension with Snatch Blocks • Friday, 11 am
Using snatch blocks to reduce line tension allows tow truck operators to perform work that would otherwise overload the winch lines or cause the tow truck or anchor point to move. A thorough understanding of how snatch blocks work is required to use them effectively. This seminar will cover lines to the load, how line angles affect line loads, traveling versus fixed blocks, and simple versus compound rigging. Terry Abejuela, American Towman
High Tension Cable Barrier Systems Recoveries • Saturday, 10 am
This seminar will cover the basics of performing crash recoveries from high tension cable barrier systems (HTCBS). Presented by towing and recovery veteran Bobby Tuttle of Complete Incident Response Training (CIRT), attendees will learn the hazards involved with recovering crashed vehicles from a HTCBS, how to do pre-recovery inspections, using a tow truck to move cables on a HTCBS, and more. Bobby Tuttle, CIRT
Operations Conference • Scroll to view more

Seven Website Tips to Dominate Your Local Market • Thursday 7 pm
Join Mike Rappaport of OMG National as he shares seven fundamental website tips to leverage Google, get more cash calls and invest less to get more online exposure through proven strategies. Participants will receive a free custom market overview and tactical plan. Mike Rappaport, OMG National
The "Grit": Re-igniting Yourself • Friday, 9 am
There is a shortage of “GRIT” in your company, your employees and even YOU! Grit shows up for you when you show up for it, but why is it that most of us never push ourselves to a level high enough to truly tap into it? Join Matt Manero for this compelling seminar that gives you strategies to reignite the “grit” within yourself, your employees and your company. Matt Manero, Commercial Fleet Financing
Risk & Exposure Surprises • Friday 10 am
You may have some critical surprises hidden in your operations. Do you have the on-hook/cargo plan you think you have? Is your VSF lot exposure being handled to your advantage? Do you have pollution exposure you don’t even know about? If so, do you have any plan that will take care of that exposure? Do you have any plan to take care of a hiring discrimination complaint? Are your exposures to employee accidents being addressed as you think they are? This seminar can help you avoid critical surprises. Plan now and avoid expensive surprises. Dock Hanks, Hanks Insurance Group
Effective Lockout Techniques • Friday, 11 am
A seminar featuring a lockout tool show-and-tell session, emphasizing best practices, damage prevention and explain four lockout tool groups: straps, inside-the-door, under-the-glass and the long reach. Kevin Hobbs, AAA Texas
Leading Customer Service • Saturday, 9 am
A professional image in all aspects of your business is a vital part of business growth. This seminar discusses recommendations on how your company can achieve a professional image. Miguel Cifuentes, Road America and Dan Charlebois, Mobile Battery Solutions
TDLR & Drug Testing • Saturday, 10 am
Michael Rannigan of USA Mobile Drug Testing will discuss key topics pertaining to compliance with Texas and TDLR related to drug testing. Key topics that will be covered are: TDLR Drug and Alcohol Compliance; TDLR Random Pool Management; Reasonable Suspicion and Training; Do's and Don't of a positive test; Policies; TDLR vs DOT key differences. Michael Rannigan, USA Mobile Drug Testing
“Manual-ly” Growing Your Business • Saturday, 11 am
A Policies and Procedural Manual creates a better working environment and can decrease damages, driver turn-over, improve communication and attitudes and ultimately attract more customers. Don Archer, American Towman
Become Your Own Banker • Saturday, 11 am
This seminar will teach attendees a concept that the financially independent use today called The Infinite Banking Concept. Using the concept allows you to mimic the same process that a bank uses. It teaches you the underlying philosophy of banking and explore how this concept can be implemented. This will allow you to control and leverage your money, earn guaranteed returns in a tax free environment, plan better for retirement and leave a legacy to your family. Chris Shortino, Shortino & Associates, LLC
Women’s Conference • Scroll to view more

Panel Discussion: "Playing a Political Role in Your Town and/or State" • Saturday, 8 am
A discussion led by four of the towing industry’s brightest female leaders will discuss the importance of getting involved in dealing with officials of your town and/or state, and how it can be effective in growing your towing operation. Joanne Blyton, Joann Messina, Amy Milstead and Jeanette Rash will make brief addresses about their experiences, followed by questions and discussion by the attendees. Joanne Blyton, Billings Towing & Repair (Montana); Joann Messina, Texas Dept. of Licensing & Regulations Advisory Board; Amy Milstead, The Milstead Group; Jeanette Rash, Fast Tow Wrecker Service (Houston) and government affairs director for the Texas Towing & Storage Association.
Filling the Leadership Vacuum in Your Towing Operation • Saturday, 9 am
Towing company owners are small business creators, do-it-yourself, risk taking entrepreneurs, with a vision. For the most part they are not strong in the leadership, communication and management departments. This is a learned skill set, and it takes a specific set of skills and insight that business women have a natural ability to provide. It is sorely needed for the ultimate success of companies. Joanne Blyton of Billings Towing & Repair in Montana and Jeanette Rash of Fast Tow Wrecker Service in Houston and government affairs director for the Texas Towing & Storage Association will share her own hard-learned lessons on this topic.
Challenges of People Management • Saturday, 10 am
What challenges are faced in the workplace as relates to hiring and firing? Maintaining office efficiency and morale? Driver scheduling, and other people management work duties? This seminar will cover these issues and more. Amy Milstead, The Milstead Group
Getting Paid by the Motor Clubs Conference

Individual clubs will present specifics on how to get paid. Each club will feature presentations by individual motor clubs as to what is required, time frames, proper invoicing procedures and other pertinent information regarding expediting payment to your company.

Speaker Time
FleetNet; Suzie Shetler Thursday, 8 pm
Nation Safe Drivers; Patrick Nahoum Friday, 8 am
GEICO; Kay Martin Friday, 9 am
Pinnacle Motor Club; Rod Fone Friday, 10 am
Road America; Bonnie Verhulst Friday, 11 am
USAC/MD; Elvira Zavala Saturday, 11 am

TRAA Forum
Friday, August 5, 9 am - 12 noon

TRAA’s Forum will focus on Safety and Awareness. Keynote Speaker: James Austrich, FHWA SHRP 2 TIM Responder Training Program Manager. Joanne Blyton, Jeanette Rash, and Larry Cernosek will join the lineup of speakers. TRAA will also be discussing ways to raise safety awareness and look at what other states have done to promote the Move Over Laws across the country. The Association Sharing portion of the meeting will provide the state associations with the opportunity to talk about the good work being done in their states.
WTRAA Conference
Friday, August 5, 2-4 pm

Join WTRAA members in a forum called “Raising the Roof”. Discuss ways to make YOU a priority, setting goals, stress management and empowering women in the towing industry. Let’s “raise the roof” on women’s achievements in the towing industry.
Southwest Tow Operators Legislative Meeting
Sunday, August 7, 9 am - 1 pm • Open to All • Sheraton Hotel
The 85th Legislative session starts in January 2017!

Your STO Board and staff have been working very hard for the industry! Please mark your calendar to attend the 2016 Tow Expo DFW 2016 and our Legislative Conference for updates. Issues to be discussed:

The 85th Legislative Session starts in 6 short months! Our priority this session is a DAILY STORAGE RATE INCREASE. Please attend and find out how you can help!
New legal benefit program: Do you have a lawyer you can call anytime for questions about tow laws and regulations? Who do you call when you need legal advice on a TDLR alleged violation? Do you hesitate to get legal advice because you’re afraid the legal fees will break your budget? Attend to find out our solution to this dilemma.
TDLR rule interpretations and updates: Todd Forrester of TDLR Compliance will be presenting updates on TDLR rules. Don’t miss this informative session. It could save you thousands of dollars in TDLR fines!
Copart’s Jeff Lougee & Stacey Smith will discuss “Volume Towing with Copart”
Texas law & TDLR Conference
Sunday, August 16, 9 am - 1 pm
Open to all
Conducted by Bobby Tuttle / CIRT
Light- and Medium-Duty Training • 2 Days
Thursday, August 4, 8 am - 5 pm
Classroom Instruction - 8 hrs

Classroom Topics
1) Roadway & Scene Safety
2) General Tow Truck & Equipment Ratings
3) Light Duty Tow Truck & Rollback Procedures
4) Medium Duty Towing Procedures
5) Recovery Techniques & Rigging
6) What HazMat Wrecks Mean to You
7) Critique of Various Vehicle Recovery Techniques

Classroom instruction will include: Door Prizes
PowerPoint Instruction
Demonstration Props
Attendee Workbooks
Certificate of Completion
Q & A
Friday, August 5, 8 am - 12 noon
Hands-On Training - 4 hrs

Hands-On Techniques
1) Participate in Proper Medium Duty Towing Hook-Up
2) Rig and Perform Up-righting of Overturned Light and Medium Duty Vehicle
3) Class Photo
4) Class Dismissal and Enjoy the Tow Expo International Activities

Fee: $495 and includes Passport to Saturday Conferences
Rotator Training
Friday, August 8, 8am-1pm & 5-9pm • Saturday, August 9, 8am-12noon
Lead by WreckMaster instructor Bruce Campbell. Rotator Training is a classroom/hands-on component of the new WreckMaster 8/9 R course. You do not have to be WreckMaster Certified to participate. 13 hr. Independent Course.

Fee: $595 when registering now or before July 25, $695 after. Class size limited. Register now before class fills up. Fee includes breakfast Friday and Saturday morning.
TDLR Approved Courses
Conducted by Southwest Tow Operators (STO)
Contact STO Directly: 972-247-9454

Friday, August 5, 2016
TDLR 4 Hour Continuing Education Course • 8am-12noon
TDLR 8 Hour IM Training Course • 8am-5pm

Saturday, August 6, 2016
TDLR Certification Testing

Sponsored By:
Allstate Roadside Services Luxury Vehicle Education
On the show floor: Free and Open to All

Allstate Roadside Services will be conducting Education classes on the towing methods for various makes and models of luxury and premium vehicles.

Participants will have the opportunity to see how to safely secure and tow a variety of luxury and premium vehicles during exposition hours.
Friday, August 5
Time Vehicles
1:30 pm - 2:45 pm Electric Vehicles
3:00 pm - 4:15 pm Jaguar / Land Rover
Saturday, August 6
Time Vehicles
1:00 pm - 2:15 pm BMW
2:30 pm - 3:45 pm General Motors
4:00 pm - 5:15 pm Maserati
Heavy-Duty Recovery Training with WreckMaster
Thursday, August 4, 8 am - 12 noon & 1 pm - 5 pm • Friday, August 5, 8 am - 12 noon

Classroom & hands-on training w/ WreckMaster

Instructed by WreckMaster. You do not have to be WreckMaster Certified to participate. 12 hour Independent Course, classroom and hands-on.

Fee: $595 when registering now or before July 18, $695 after. Class size limited. Register now before class fills up. Fee includes breakfast Thursday and Friday.
FHWA SHRP2 Training Program
Friday, August 5, 8 am - 12 noon

The National Traffic Incident Management (TIM) Responder Training program, developed through the second Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP2), offers a set of practices and advanced standards to enable safer and faster clearance of traffic crashes. Ron Moore, Federal Highway Administration

This class is free to all attendees. However, if you are a licensed tower in Texas and you would like to receive TDLR CE credit for this class, there will be a $20 fee.
Sponsored By:
Recovery Show
Saturday, August 6, 6:30pm

Live Recovery Show, where the latest in tow truck technology is used to illustrate various recovery scenarios.
Centennial Celebration
Friday, August 5, 6-9 pm

American Towman Celebrates 100 Years of Towing! The Centennial Celebration includes the Tow Expo Long Bar, Card Games, BBQ Brisket and Live Music. Receive a “100 Years” Commemorative Gift when you advance register. ATTV covers the action at the Arlington Convention Center.

The Steel and Wheels Tailgate Party on Saturday from 6-9pm will feature an exciting recovery showcasing various recovery scenarios. Classic cars and beautiful trucks from the USA Wrecker Pageant will be there.

If you have a classic car or truck that you would like to be seen, please contact Tommy Anderson at If you want to be a part of the USA Wrecker Pageant, please register your truck through the Online Registration link above.
Sponsored By:
The Big Smoke
Friday, August 5, 9-11 pm
One complimentary cigar. Sponsored by Savatech, Auto Return, and American Towman.

VIP - $20 pp
Includes one complimentary cigar, premium cigar,
premium drink,and a gift.
Sponsored by Savatech, Auto Return & American Towman

Sponsored By:
Kids Korral
Tow Expo is a family affair. Area is set up on the show floor to accommodate all the children who want to finger paint, draw, and have their faces painted.

Do you have a game changing invention or idea that benefits the towing industry? Enter TOW TANK – the first and only “Shark Tank” style competition to benefit the towing industry. Click here to register

Award presented at Tow Expo. Aired on ATTV and RoadGrit.
TRAA & WTRAA Welcome Hospitality
Thursday, August 4th, 5-7 PM

One benefit of membership in the TRAA or WTRAA is the opportunity to meet and greet with fellow industry professionals. All TRAA and WTRAA members are welcome to attend. Email for more information.
Six Flags Over Texas
With so many choices, where do you begin? Right here. Take a look at all the amazing things to do while at Six Flags Over Texas — from pulse-pounding roller coasters to gentler options for tots. Take a break at one of our entertaining shows and catch a bite at one of our restaurants. Don't forget to pick up your souvenirs so you can remember the day!
Hurricane Harbor
Picture yourself relaxing under sunny, cloud-filled skies on the banks of Hook’s Lagoon Treehouse, where little kids and big kids alike can splash and play while Mom and Dad take a break. Or hanging out on Boogie Beach while you enjoy an ice-cold lemonade or a rainbow snow cone. Or floating down the scenic Lazy River, soaking up some Vitamin D while the hassles of your daily life drift away. Head for the Wahoo Racer, a two-tier, multi-lane water slide that’s the only one of its kind in the world. Then get in line for the Blue Niagara, where thrill seekers can plummet over seven stories on a pair of enclosed tube slides coiled for super-fast twists. Or check out the six-story drop on the Geronimo, or the 40-foot waves on the Tsnunami Surge.
AT&T Stadium
For football fans, watching a game at AT&T Stadium is pretty much as platinum as it gets: 140 acres, three million square feet, a colossal video board that’s the only one of its kind in the world, retractable roof, and steel arches that soar nearly 300 feet over the playing field. Did we mention the oh-so-comfortable climate-controlled interior? The stadium boasts seating options from luxury suites to "standing room only" sections that will satisfy even the smallest piggy bank. And forget ordinary stadium food. Lick your chops and prepare for fire-roasted turkey burgers, gourmet nachos, sushi and dozens of other out-of-the-ordinary menu items. Flat screen TVs and lounging areas everywhere you look.
Globe Life Park
Even as you’re approaching the stadium, Globe Life Park impresses you with its grandeur. It covers 270 acres and boasts 48,000-plus seats. There’s an adjacent lake, a youth sports facility and Texas-themed architecture, served up with stunning views. There are the dozens of VIP and special events areas like the Captain Morgan Club, a destination for noshing and imbibing before, during and after a game. Or get your fix at more than 100 fixed & mobile concession stands that serve up deliciously outrageous menu item
International Bowling Museum
If you’re someone who has yet to lace up your first pair of bowling shoes, the museum offers an intriguing look at the history-rich sport that just might inspire you to head over to Alley Cats or Dave & Buster’s and try a frame or two after you finish your visit. For bowling fans, your museum trip will introduce you to a lot of intriguing back stories, trivia, and fascinating facts about one of your favorite pastimes – in fact, you’ll likely find that you enjoy the game even more after your visit.
23 Bars and Clubs
The pursuit of happiness doesn’t end when the sun goes down – it just gets more interesting. And so does Arlington after dark. Whether you’re in town for business, hanging with friends, or enjoying a getaway made just for the two of you, there’s an Arlington nightlife destination that’s got your name on it. (And don’t worry about staying out late to sing with the dueling pianos at Louie Louie's. Our hotels rock when it comes to wake-up calls.)
Sheraton Arlington Tow Expo DFW Headquarters Hotel
Rooms have free WiFi, flat-screen TVs, and desks. Other amenities include fitness center, indoor and outdoor pools, hot tub, meeting rooms and a business center. Across from Convention Center.

$169 S/D, $179 T, $189 Q

Courtyard Marriott Dallas Arlington
Rooms have free WiFi, HDTV, and desks. Other amenities include free parking, fitness center, pool, and meeting rooms.

$139 Q

Hilton Palacio del Rio
Explore Dallas from Hilton Palacio del Rio, and enjoy our hotel's contemporary hacienda-style setting. Spectacularly situated on the banks of the river, this hotel in Dallas by the River Walk offers private balconies with River Walk Views. At the opposite end of Convention Center, two blocks from the alamo, fitness center, restaurants and bars. Free Internet Access.

$149 S/D
Hilton Arlington
Free Wifi, room service, free parking, fitness center, bar/lounge.

$159 K/2DBL

American Towman Magazine
Exhibitors receive free in-depth editorial coverage of the show through the April Issue of American Towman Magazine. Advertising opportunities and circulation bonuses are available to all show exhibitors.
American Towman magazine is the towing and recovery industry's longest published (38 years) and largest circulated (38,000+ readers) monthly trade publication.
American Towman TV
With American Towman TV, suppliers can benefit from the endless boundaries of the Internet with this industry-exclusive television program that provides coverage with a bi-weekly program throughout the year. In addition to its regular programming, American Towman TV covers the show with special show related information on what is being shown on the show floor, special events and other exciting goings-on at the event. Check for details on what advertising opportunities are available.
Tow Industry Week
Online information and industry coverage is afforded exhibitors on the Tow Industry Week website that provides online coverage of the industry as well as features of interest year-round. All pre-show information leading up to the exposition and postshow coverage is right there at a click of the mouse.
Expo Info Program
Placed in the hands of every show visitor at registration, this important program provides event and seminar schedules, floor plan, exhibitor list and NEW this year a complete product reference section linking companies with the products on display. This useful resource helps make traveling the show aisles a more organized experience.
Registration Counters
Sponsorship opportunity allows for the distribution of a promotional flyer and traffic builder at the registration counter area.
Badge Holder Inserts
Place your business card-size insert into every attendee's badge holder. It is a guarantee to draw traffic to your booth.
Place your name around every neck of the show's attendees with the Show Lanyard. Featuring your color logo on the lanyard strap, this promotional item is handed out to every registrant.
Registration Towers
Six headers (8" x 30" ea.) and six advertising panels (38" x 40" ea.), printed with your advertising messages and seen by all registrants in the registration area, give your company premium exposure.
Information Booth
A source of assistance to show attendees, the Expo Info Booth is located right in the registration lobby for easy access.
Expo Show Bags
Your name and advertising message appear on the oversized Official Show Bag available to all show attendees at registration area and several locations.
Food Court/Diner
One of the fun places to visit when attendees take a break from the busy show floor is the retro diner in the center of the Food Court. The eatery, resplendent with a black and white checkered floor, and emanating an old time 50s ambience is a great place to promote your corporate and product image.
Advertising Opportunities
Please check back soon for advertising opportunitues that will be available.
To Exhibit click Here